Park City, Utah, USA

“There is no public exit from this trail for 11 miles,” read the ominous sign on the Mid Mountain trail.

“Pssshhhhttt,” hissed my last inner tube about four miles further on.

Eyeing a very distant-looking Park City below, I started the long trudge downhill feeling glum about an amazing trail missed.

2015-10-16 16.17.58

A hour or so into my walk home, a brace of friendly locals helped with out with the three patches I needed. Afterwards, the voice in my head whispered “ride light!” as I cruised down through the rocky sections of CMG. Singletrack grin restored.

A couple of days later and kitted up with a bag full of tubes and patches, I gave Mid Mountain another shot. Riding the Payday gondola up on the last day of the bike season, I made the full traverse back to Canyons this time. It’s an undulating rollercoaster of blue-grade singletrack with occasional rocky fun. It also presented a special new obstacle for me on a blind corner: a sleepy moose.

As I rounded the penultimate bend of the ride on Holly’s, I heard a familar snake hiss as the rear tyre squirmed off the rim for the fifth time. It seemed only right to be finishing this one on foot.

2015-10-18 12.40.10

Trail snack: Banana Nut Bread Clif bars, new joint favourite with Cool Mint Chocolate. Yum.

Bike shop: Jans in Park City were a friendly bunch and sold me a pile of inner tubes when everywhere else in town had closed for the ski season.

Trail nose: Trailforks is great for sniffing out trails in Park City. Download the Utah region before you head out.

I’ll be back for you one day, Wasatch Crest.

One thought on “Park City, Utah, USA

  1. Hi Chris

    Good post – clear, concise, informative and humorous. No mooses in Moosecastle Woods last night!




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